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    RPG Forum : Magic Rules

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    RPG Forum : Magic Rules

    Post by David on Sat Mar 14, 2009 2:59 am

    Magic Rules

    Here are the "Magic" Rules, it should not take you that long to read them all, so please just take a minute or two to go through them all and of course follow them, thank you!

    - SPAM is NOT allowed
    Do not make pointless or non-relevant posts or threads or in the wrong forum or sub-forum, etc., or any other kind of spam.

    - Do NOT Mini-Mod
    Mini Modding is not allowed here, please leave that for the staff to do as it is their job, not yours so you can just "show off" by thinking that it will get you promoted, because it won't, just an infraction.

    - Posts/Threads must have at least 10 characters and 4 words
    If posts or threads don't have at least 10 characters and 4 words in them, you won't be allowed to make that thread or post.

    - You are not allowed to double post or consecutively post
    Double posting is not allowed here or consecutive posting just for a higher post count or for what ever reason it is, etc.

    - Threads can only be "revived" within a month
    With the exception of some forums, your threads can only be revived within a month or they will be closed/locked.

    - Every body is to respect other members on this community
    You are not to be rude or disrespectful, be nice and polite.

    - You are NOT allowed to curse
    Do NOT ever curse or swear in this community.

    - Don't be disrespectful to any of the Staff Members
    It is very rude to bean disrespectful to a Staff Member that is at a higher rank than you.

    - Soliciting is NOT allowed
    You are not allowed to solicit in this community at all.

    - Bypassing the censor is not permitted
    Most words are censored out, do not try to bypass the censor or it will end up resulting in an infraction.

    - You are NOT allowed to advertise other forums in posts, threads, social groups, visitor messages, and private messages
    Advertising to other forums, or communities are not permitted here at all, with the exception of websites or you can put it in your signature or in the proper forum.

    - Caps lock and "txt" speak
    Try to refrain from POSTING IN CAPS LOCK. It's annoying and unneeded. We also ask you communnicate on our forum in non-"txt" speak form.

    - Pornographic images is NOT allowed any where in any part of this community
    Do NOT post porno pictures in this community at all or links to them or to porno websites.

    - Illegally tampered copyrighted software may not be posted or linked here at all
    You are NOT to post illegal stuff here or links or other copyrighted softwares, etc.

    - Don't question another members ban or infraction
    These kind of things are privacy and only between the member and the staff member.

    - You are not allowed to create more than one account
    You are not allowed to make more than one account, there are several reasons for why you might want to do this, but we can track you down and we will ban the second account and most likely also your first original account.

    - Thread tags must be relevant
    Do not make tags that have no relevance to the thread.

    - Give good reputation for a reason
    Only give out reputation to others if you think that they deserve it.

    - Don't abuse bad reputation
    Don't abuse your bad reputation, you do not have the rights to do that in this community.

    - Reputation is a privilege, not a right
    Reputation is not a right, you may not abuse it or take advantage of it.

    - NO inappropriate images on your user profile
    You do NOT have any permission to post inappropriate images in your profile or anywhere else for that matter.

    - Do NOT give out any personal information
    Giving out to much or to specific information about your self is very dangerous online, so be very cautious.

    - No ethnic or religious groups in the social groups
    You are not allowed to create a social group that involves ethnicity or religious, to some that is very racist.

    - Broad topics only in the social groups
    Do NOT be to specific about your social group, it may make other members too confused about what's going on.

    - No duplicate groups in the social groups
    Don't make more than one social group that involves the same subject or topic.

    - No anti groups in the social groups
    Do not be racist or mean, you are not allowed to make an anti social group about another member, etc.

    - Signature Soft-Linebreak Character Limit = 30 & size can be no bigger than 3
    This is the maximum amount of lines that your are permitted to have in your signature, 30 lines at most.. Your signature is not allowed to be bigger than size 3.
    - Maximum Characters in Signature Including BB Code Markup: 10,000
    - Maximum Characters in Signature Excluding BB Code Markup: 5,000

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